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Be prepared for overwhelming quality and Toro flavor.

Who we are:

Toro represents the strong winds that blow our churrasco flames. First introduced on February 2nd 2019, in New Haven – CT, Toro was born with the purpose of allowing people from all over the world to experience the authentic churrasco gaúcho when visiting the city.

The essence of Toro is expressed by both our ingredients and service. But beyond that, what conquers the hearts of our customers is the real experience that our dishes provide, the passion for our steaks and the fulfillment of our duties towards our clients on every working day.

Not only do we have a various buffet, we also serve an authentic Brazilian rodízio, typically served on a barbecue stick, allowing our guests to taste each cut of meat on our menu and pick the meat of their choice.

Come pay us a visit and be prepared for overwhelming quality and Toro flavor.

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